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Initial Nevada Incorporation Service

(C-Corporation, S-Corporation, L.L.C., L.P. or G.P.)

      We have found that most people who try to incorporate themselves end up missing some important function and, therefore, are not fully protected by Nevada law. We do not want this to happen to you. It is best to have us handle the complete incorporation process for you.

     For a nominal $20.00 fee we will ensure that your Articles of Incorporation (Organization) are done correctly and hand delivered to the Secretary of State's office. Once we receive your Articles back we will notify you and mail them to you.

The fees will be as follows:
     $ 75.00 Filing fee (Secretary of State)
          20.00 Incorporation fee
     $ 95.00 TOTAL:

The price for an Initial Incorporation is $95.00*
$75.00 (state filing fee) + $20.00 (Incorporation fee) = $195.00

The price for an Initial Non-Profit Incorporation is $70.00*
$50.00 (state filing fee) + $20.00 (Incorporation fee) = $70.00

* Does not include the $125.00 fee ($25.00 Non-Profit) for the Initial List of Officers. This is required by the 1st day of the 2nd month of incorporation. For your convenience you may pre-pay this on the order form.

Certified Copy

     If you would like a certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation (Organization) the fee for this is $30.00. This fee is charged by the Secretary of State.

The price for a Certified Copy is $30.00

Nevada Resident Agent Service

      Every Nevada corporation must have a Nevada Resident Agent (or as it is commonly called a Nevada Registered Agetn). This is required by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 78.090. A Nevada Resident Agent must have a street address in Nevada for the service of process. The street address of the Nevada Resident Agent is the registered office of the corporation in this state.

All legal process and any demand or notice authorized by law to be served upon a corporation may be served upon the Nevada Resident Agent of the corporation. Having a Nevada Resident Agent is the minimum requirement for any Nevada corporation. To read more about our Nevada Resident Agent Service please click here: Resident Agent Service

The yearly price for Nevada Resident Agent Service is $80.00

Corporate Record Book

     We recommend at the time of Incorporation that you obtain a Corporate Record Book. This book has all of the proper documentation to setup and start operating your Nevada Corporation.

      Your corporate record book includes:

  • Customized Binder with Slip Case
  • 75,000 shares of No Par Value Stock
  • 20 Stock Certificates
  • Corporate Seal
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • File Stamped Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Minutes of First Meeting of Directors
  • Appointment and Acceptance of Officers
  • Stock Transfer Ledgers
  • Resolutions to Establish your Corporation
  •       Our expert service will put it all together for you in the correct manner, so you can rest easy with complete peace of mind.

    The price for a Corporate Record Book is $90.00

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