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Senior Executive Service

      Some new companies are ready for a full operational staff, but not ready for the expense or the potential headaches of employees. Here's where our Senior Executive Service will benefit you and your corporation. We have a full line of services tailor-made for your corporate needs.

      Our Senior Executive Service features:

  • Assistance in opening a corporate bank account in Nevada.
  • Assistance in obtaining a business license at your Nevada address. (Please note that license fees vary and thus are not included in our price.)
  • We will answer your phone (up to 35 phone calls per month) and take messages or send the messages to voice mail upon request. (Private voice mail box and message notifcation included.) If you wish to call your office, dial 1-775-577-4822.
  • Your corporation will have a telephone number listed and published in the local telephone directories. When the next directory comes out, you will be listed as a business doing business in Nevada. People can call directory assistance and find your name and number. This could be a very important point legally.
  • We provide you with the forwarding of 35 pieces of incoming mail (up to $12 per month).
  • Fax service is another importance service. You receive 15 incoming and outgoing faxes. On your business cards, print our fax number and receive documents from anywhere in the world.
  • E-mail forwarding/account creation services available upon request.
  • Use of our conference room for corporate meetings or to meet with clients.
  • A contract verifying that your corporation maintains a real Nevada office.
  • Access to services and equipment of our office, including computers, photocopiers, fax machine, laser printer, etc.
  • Secretarial service for up to 2 hours monthly.
  • Nevada Resident Agent Service.
  • You can call our office anytime to discuss ideas you may wish to implement with your corporation. If we do not know the answer, we will find it for you!
  • You can call our office anytime you wish to make a corporate resolution, and we will send it out to you at no charge.
  • Your annual minutes for your meetings are sent automatically every year.

      Please note that our Initial Incorporation Service is separate from and not included with the Senior Executive Service. One important feature to remember is that the Senior Executive Service not only saves you money and is valuable but it is like an insurance policy. It provides everything that you need to prove that you are in fact operating in the State of Nevada. Even if you think you do not need the services at this time it is worth getting. Just like auto insurance-you hope that you will never need it but are thankful you have it when the unexpected happens.

The price for Senior Executive Service is $1,100.00 a year or two payments of $600.00 yearly.

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