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      Every company in Nevada should have a phone number in Nevada to show proof that you in fact in Nevada. This can help you both legally and professionally. With our telephone service you will have your own private phone number (not shared with others). This telephone will have your personal greeting and voice mail.

The price for Telephone Service with voice mail is $250.00/yr

      Once you have a telephone number you should have that number listed and published in the local telephone directories. When the next directory comes out, you will be listed as a business doing business in Nevada. People can call directory assistance and find your name and number. This could be a very important point legally.

Information listing is $150.00/yr

      Voice mail notification will call you and let you know when you have a voice mail message waiting. This will save you the time of having to call in to find out wether-or-not you have a message.

The price for voice mail notfication is $60.00/yr

      For those that require a live person to answer their phone please contact us as we have a couple different options.

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